‘A Bit of Sparkle’ one of three winners on 1000words!

Just a quick blog here to let my lovely followers know that I have a winning flash fiction story published on 1000words The story is called ‘A Bit of Sparkle’ and traces the journey of a piece of fabric from an Indian sweatshop to a London market. It is under 500 words long so can be read in a moment of stolen indulgence. I hope you will enjoy it!

‘A Bit of Sparkle’ will later be available in an e-anthology of the National Flash Fiction Day Winners. May 16th this year was the first NFFD and hopefully the first of many.

A belly dancer is one of the protagonists in the story, so I’m thrilled to be able to integrate this other passion into my writing!


About susancarey

Writer and teacher living in Amsterdam. Trying to be mindful and occasionally succeeding!
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6 Responses to ‘A Bit of Sparkle’ one of three winners on 1000words!

  1. gailaldwin says:

    Great story – well done.


  2. nessafrance says:

    Well done, Susan. It gives one a real lift to have a success like that.


  3. susancarey says:

    Thank you! And sorry, Vanessa, for the triple news whammy of Twitter, WA and my blog! But I couldn’t have achieved it without the support of my WA chums.


  4. Julia says:

    Hi Susan. I’ve just finished your short story “Blow me a Kiss” and I have to say I really enjoyed it. I really liked how you portrayed the characters. The touch of humor was delightful. And I wouldn’t have imagined that ending. Well done.


    • susancarey says:

      Hi Julia,
      Thanks very much for reading my short story and for your positive comment, it really means a lot to me. When I am back from a work trip I will have a look at your blog. Good luck with your writing!


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