Boxing Day Hunt Meet in Ross-on-Wye

Rather than traipsing to the shops and elbowing my way through harassed shoppers to buy a lot of stuff I don’t need this Boxing Day, I went to the traditional hunt meet of the Ross Harriers in my old stomping ground, Ross-on-Wye. The town was buzzing with families come out to support their local hunt. It was a great atmosphere and the sun shone beatifically on the event. I only hunted as a child but now regret that I didn’t hunt when I had the chance as an adult. I was in my breaking-away-from-my-roots phase in those days.. But heigh ho, being a spectator is fun too and a lot less strenuous and if you’re lucky you’ll get a free mince pie. Anyway a very happy New Year to my blog readers and let’s hope our hunt for happiness is a fruitful one in 2017!
This article was quoted on the Ross Gazette, Ross-on-Wye’s local paper.



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5 Responses to Boxing Day Hunt Meet in Ross-on-Wye

  1. Sally Robinson says:

    Thank you and a Happy New Year to you too, Angela. And enjoy the rest of your trip

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  2. Jo says:

    Hi, I love your pictures of the Boxing Day hunt. I am the editor of the ross gazette and would love to share them. Can you let me know if that is ok, I will credit you, thanks Jo

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  3. Marty Fraser says:

    I haven’t heard that phrase “Traipsing around” for years. But guess that’s all I have really be doing all this time. Traipsing around aimlessly 🙂 Sounds & looks like an ideal way to spend Boxing day. Looks wonderful. We really have been blessed with the weather this Christmas & I miss the English village life & countryside when I look at these photographs. Think I will plan a trip in the New year. Enjoy the rest of your stay in England & I wish you & yours a very Happy New year!


    • susancarey says:

      Thanks, Martin. I can well imagine how you miss English countryside and village life, especially this time of year. A trip in the new Year sounds wonderful! Holland is also nice for a walk in the frosty weather.


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